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Does this means he still uses scons, just on a platform built by openwrt? If so, would that also mean that I could only effectively and easily build alljoyn on those platforms supported by OpenWRT (that aren't cross-compiled)?

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Receiving an announce from a sender that doesn't exist yet (in the case of a router that is started after 'clients' exist) seems to be a perfectly valid expectation, no?

Why would I want someone to announce their presence in a room if the 'room' only exists in light of the person that creates it?

Put another way: An alljoyn router creates a BusAttachment that other clients can then attach to. An announce() only makes sense in the context of being sent and received via a BusAttachment (sessionless or not). If a client exists, but is not attached to a Bus, then the Announce being sent on the Bus of that newly instantiated router would _never_ be heard by that unattached client.

The fact that this _sometimes_ works is probably indicative of the fact that your client polls for any 'new' routers (and their Buses), and then coincidentally receives an announce due to joining at just the right interval such as to hear an Announce().

More specifics about your setup would help, in any case. This is just conjecture. Please correct me if I have't yet far enough into the docs to realize that my conceptualization is completely offbase.