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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to extend the in order to have an application that controls the arduino board in a session and provide a service in another one. To do this I started adding the features into

Currently I can compile this new file, control the arduino board but not use the basic_client application for testing the service available in

----- my_ledctrl.log ----------------

17:42:18@pata01 bin 344a451 ? ./my_ledctrl
   |myDEBUG: inside the Connect function - status variable is = ER_OK
Interface created.
RegisterBusObject succeeded.
ObjectRegistered has been called.
RequestName('org.alljoyn.Bus.sample') succeeded.
NameOwnerChanged(org.alljoyn.Bus.sample, null, :7ETmrBXA.2)
BindSessionPort succeeded.
Advertisement of the service name 'org.alljoyn.Bus.sample' succeeded.
RequestCredentials for authenticating  using mechanism ALLJOYN_PIN_KEYX
NameOwnerChanged(:7ETmrBXA.3, null, :7ETmrBXA.3)
NameOwnerChanged(org.alljoyn.sample.ledservice, null, :7ETmrBXA.3)
FoundAdvertisedName(name=org.alljoyn.sample.ledservice, transport=0x1, prefix=org.alljoyn.sample.ledservice)
Joined Session 1807392053
flash 2
>> flash 2
NameOwnerChanged(:HhWDfecg.2, null, :HhWDfecg.2)
NameOwnerChanged(:HhWDfecg.1, null, :HhWDfecg.1)
NameOwnerChanged(:HhWDfecg.1, :HhWDfecg.1, null)
NameOwnerChanged(:HhWDfecg.2, :HhWDfecg.2, null)

----- basic_client.log ----------------

17:43:15@pata01 samples 344a451 ? ./basic_client
BusListener Registered.
   0.028 ****** ERROR NETWORK lepDisp           common/os/posix/ | Binding (sockfd = 51) to 9955: 98 - Address already in use: ER_OS_ERROR
org.alljoyn.Bus.FindAdvertisedName ('org.alljoyn.Bus.sample') succeeded.
Waited 0 seconds for JoinSession completion.
FoundAdvertisedName(name='org.alljoyn.Bus.sample', prefix='org.alljoyn.Bus.sample')
   |myDEBUG: transportList.size() = 1
   |myDEBUG: transportList[0]: tcp
   |myDEBUG: trans->GetTransportName: tcp
   |myDEBUG: transportSpec = tcp:r4addr=,r4port=9955
   |myDEBUG: 0
NameOwnerChanged: name='org.alljoyn.Bus.sample', oldOwner='<none>', newOwner=':7ETmrBXA.2'.
   0.328 ****** ERROR ALLJOYN external          ...router/ | Returning error METHOD_CALL[6] no route to org.alljoyn.Bus.sample: ER_BUS_NO_ROUTE
MethodCall on '' failed.Basic client exiting with status 0x9032 (ER_BUS_REPLY_IS_ERROR_MESSAGE).

You can download the files here

I tried to debug the above issue but I didn't understand where I wrong.

If you need more details not hesitate to ask me.