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Base services supported by AllJoyn v15.09

Hi all,

I am following AllJoyn and LSF closely from v15.04 onward. I came across the release notes for Thin Client Base services for v15.09 link text and found the following update:

Note: * The Onboarding, Control Panel and Time services source code is available in the source code repository, but is no longer part of the Base Services Thin Client release, and is not supported. * In addition, the Time service source code is no longer in the "master" branch, and has been moved to the "feature/time" branch in the source code repository.

  1. Can anyone explain me the reason behind removal of support for Onboarding service ? I am not able to find a reason, as it is a good method to bring Thin Clients (IoT devices) into the network.
  2. Without support for Onboarding service, do you have any suggestions on the method to be followed when v15.09 Thin Client devices joins the network ?

Thank you, -Venkat.