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Get a list of service interface's available methods

Hi all,

I've been writing a service in C++ built off of the basic_service sample provided with the SDK, and I have been correspondingly using the basic_client to test my added methods. However, I've noticed that the basic_client example pretty much has a copy of the service interface methods which are used when CreateInterface() is called, and each of them are added to the Client interface using testIntf->AddMethod("Cat", etc).

I know that you can "discover" available services using an AboutListener like the one provided in the SDK, and I altered my service to do this, but this still doesn't allow you to see the methods available to the client.

Is there a way to retrieve the service interface's method names and arguments so that they can be called in a more dynamic fashion, without hardcoding the method call into the client (as with the "Cat" method example in the basic client and service)?

Sorry if this has been asked, I just couldn't find any documentation available for how this would be done.

Thank in advance!

  • Eric