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Luminaire Controller VS lighting_controller_service Binary

Dear All. First of all, I don't good at English. Thank you acknowledge.

Control Light Bulb using lighting_controller_service is my goal.

I have actual Bulb Device. (LIFX LCM A19-TW) And, lighting_controller_service executed on Board. (Board OS is Android 4.2 jelly bean) also alljoyn-daemon executed on Board.

And Control Light bulb using LFS_Sample.apk, It is not working properly. But In the same wifi network, When using Luminaire controller, control Light bulb working well.


I execute "alljoyn-daemon & lighting_controller_service" on Android board. Control Light Bulb using LSF_Sample.apk Same Wifi network.

When I using lighting_controller_service, It is not working properly. When I using Luminaire controller, It it working well.

Luminaire Controller has been optimized ?

Thank you.