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AllJoyn javascript and document

Hi all:

I've learn AllJoyn in Javascipt recently:

  1. AllJoyn.js is a special and very simple API, with IO modules (GPIO) and AJ modules (thin core lib + AJ services). Its APIs are different from AllJoyn C++ or Java.
  2. NodeJS AllJoyn NPM is made by octoblu. It wrapped the core (14.06) to v8. Its APIs are much more similar to AllJoyn C++ or Java.

Then I downloaded document. I read \alljoyn-docs-14.06.00\docs\api\javascript | javascript_1402, and I got confused. These document described a set of very rich APIs that are also very similar to AllJoyn C++ or Java. But alljoyn npm is made by octoblu, and there is no such a detailed document.

What are these documents for ? Did I miss another version of AllJoyn in JavaScript?

Thank you.