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Error message: no 'object' file generated

When I build my AllJoyn project, follow the instructions on

It build fails on Windows with Visual Studio 12.0. The build command used was as below: scons OS=win7 CPU=x86 MSVC_VERSION=12.0 BINDINGS=cpp.

It would be very helpful if anyone can help. Thanks!!

The error message are as follow: services\about\cpp\samples\AboutServiceSample\ C220: warning treated as error - no 'object' file generated
services\about\cpp\samples\AboutServiceSample\ warning C4819: The file contains a character that cannot be represented in current code page<950>. Save the file in Unicode format to prevent data loss
scons: *[build\win7\x86\debug\obj\about\cpp\samples\AboutServiceSample\AboutServiceMain.obj] Error 2
scons: building terminated because of errors