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Session management problem

I've run into a problem with session management : I have a setup with several alljoyn nodes on different devices, which are all in the same multipoint session, hosted by a device called A. As the devices are mobile devices it can happens that one of the device loose is connection to the network. It that case I have the the follow behavior

  • device B loose it's network connection
  • B does not receives the sessionLost callback
  • when B connects backs, it tries to communicates on the session and it fails
  • as the session seems to be invalid, B tries to join again the session but get an ALLJOYN_JOINSESSION_REPLY_ALREADY_JOINED error code
  • then I try to leave the session but I also get an error : ALLJOYN_LEAVESESSION_REPLY_NO_SESSION

At that point, the device B is stuck : it cannot use the session, cannot leave it and cannot join it back either.

Any idea ? Maybe I have overlooked something ...