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Hi all,

I use this AJTCL SDK to build basic_service and basic_client but both of them can not correctly connect to my alljoyn-daemon which is built from alljoyn-14.02.00-src(AJSCL) on the board. The daemon works well with the basic_service, basic_client, and chat from AJSCL SDK. So I do not suppose the daemon is not work.

BTW, I have change the AJTCL service name from "org.alljoyn.busNode" to "org.alljoyn.Bus.sample" in order to be the same service name as alljoyn-daemon.

And I use wireshark to sniffer the packets. The daemon only respond the corresponding discovery packet to port 9956? So, It means my AJTCL does not listen on port 9956 right? Anyone knows how to use the AJTCL with AJSCL?

Thanks for sparing your time reading my question.

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answered 2014-08-06 19:17:08 -0700

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I think it's the authentication problem. There is the code in SampleDaemon.cc for authentication.

namespace SampleDaemon {
const char* DefaultDaemonBusName = "org.alljoyn.BusNode.TestingPurposesOnly";

const char* ThinClientAuthMechanism = "ALLJOYN_PIN_KEYX";
const char* ThinClientDefaultBusPwd = "1234";

but there is nothing in the basic_service or basic_client. I suppose that the basic_service (in AJTCL) can correctly connect to basic_client(in AJSCL) not using the alljoyn daemon.

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Hi lian, I have solve it. Now my AJTCL basic_service and basic_client can connect to my AJSCL daemon. In consequence, I only modify the aj_connect.c to let the port fix to 9956. And I remain the service_name "org.alljoyn.Busnode". Finally, change the number of max_untrusted_clients in alljoyn-daemon config from 0 to 20 and turn the restrict_untrusted_clients from TRUE to FALSE.

juige ( 2014-08-07 03:21:01 -0700 )edit

But another problem is that the discovery stage of both basic_service and basic_client are unstable. Sometimes both of two stuck in AJ_Discovery and cannot find the corresponding service.

juige ( 2014-08-07 03:23:42 -0700 )edit

answered 2014-08-06 01:19:43 -0700

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There is a little progress now. Now the basic_client can get where the daemon is. But it stuck in AJ_authenticate, the error log is as follows:

000.000 aj_msg.c:752 The connection was rejected by the routing node

000.000 aj_msg.c:1082 Discarding bad message AJ_ERR_REJECTED

Does anyone knows what happened? Thanks

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