Is there an available mechanism on updating Thin Client Firmware when incorporated into OEM products?

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For example, a target module with a downloaded Thin Client application is already incorporated into an OEM product and its software developer wants to update that application, is there an available mechanism on updating the Thin Client application downloaded into the target module? (like the mechanism when updating mobile apps through the App Store or Google Play)

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See the [Update Service page](https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/gatewayagent/update_service) for a project under way to add update capability to AJ thin clients.

sgujral ( 2014-12-01 22:33:31 -0700 )edit

The link has changed. It's actually: https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/gateway/update_service

joshspain ( 2015-08-25 10:49:49 -0700 )edit

a well formed link: https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/gateway/update_service

mnhung ( 2015-09-07 20:16:02 -0700 )edit

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answered 2014-07-16 09:31:39 -0700

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AllJoyn is primarily a communication protocol along with a standardized set of communication activities that we call services that serve as the foundation for building more sophisticated communications. AllJoyn could certainly be used to transfer the updated firmware image for the OEM device from another device that is on the same local network (AllJoyn isn't designed for use across the Internet), but AllJoyn will not actually update the firmware. That is the responsibility of the firmware itself.

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