Instructions to manually install AJTCL for Arduino

asked 2014-04-01 11:06:29 -0700

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I managed to download latest source for AJ Thin Client for Arduino, but I'd like to manually copy over the required files to Arduino libs folder.

So far I've searched and found no instructions for manual setup. Can someone post instructions to setup without using scons?

Or better, it'd be great if there's a simple zip package in the downloads which can be extracted into libs folder of Arduino IDE, and take it from there.


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answered 2014-04-01 14:02:50 -0700

chall3ng3r gravatar image

updated 2014-04-01 14:03:27 -0700

Nevermind, I went through and installed Scons build tool. Couple of points to take note: 1) You'll need Python 2.7 before you can install Scons. 3.x is not supported. 2) Install Python as Just Myself option. If you install for All Users (Win8 Pro), Scons setup won't detect it.

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answered 2014-05-07 05:09:24 -0700

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That is the only way to generate the lib files for arduino !!

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