Where to get android tutorial?

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Hello developers!

It seems that i'm confused while trying to understand the sample while running it on my real android devices. It works, but once i read the code, it's not preferrable to be used. In terms of complexity.

But once i read the pdf and the guide on the web, it seems understandable. What makes the code complex other than the implementation? I dont know.

My question here is quite simple. Would it be possible to make the tutorial just like Nearbytes SDK did?

Check the following orders, it is very straight forward tutorial for implementing it in android.

1. First Integration

2. Using THe SDK

3. Chat between devices

I wish Alljoyn could implement the tutorial just like Nearbytes did. The code, the explanation, the implementation. Ease. And keep the open source instead of commercial one.

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answered 2014-07-10 10:46:22 -0700

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Thank you for the feedback. There is an effort underway to help with this. I'm not certain which sample you used, but if you used Chat, then yes it is complex, there is a lot of Android code and it is designed for the AllJoyn code to run in an Android service. The Basic sample for Android contains a client and service side. This sample is interoperable with the C++ and iOS versions of Basic sample as well if you are curious to see those platforms as well. For the client side it shows you how to use AllJoyn to discover, connect, then execute a BusMethod call. The service side shows how to bind a session, implement a BusObject, advertise, and accept connections. This sample contains a minimal set of Android code and will give you a better example of using the AllJoyn API calls.

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