Can applications join with each other when they are same bus name?

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Dear all,

I have a simple question is if i start 2 applications on 2 alljoyn-daemon then it will be able to request same bus name. After that, can I use Joinsession to join between those applications? Thanks.

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answered 2014-06-26 09:09:28 -0700

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You might get lucky and have it work sometimes. The problem is that joining a session actually involves sending messages and the question becomes, where to send a message with a destination of the share bus name. Even if the session were to be established, you will have problems with communication because when you send a message with the requested name in the destination field, where should that message be delivered?

In fact, if a session is established for other reasons and you 2 applications that share the same name don't interact with each other, you will still have communication problems with any endpoint that tries to send messages to that shared name.

That is why bus names must be unique and why we strongly suggest appending a unique-ifying string to the end of the name. The local routing node's GUID is a good choice for that.

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