Real Time Communication - Voice

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Hello Experts,

need an advice.

  • Would you recommend to use the Alljoyn "Audio Streaming API" for Real Time Communication in a multi-point session.
  • Can the API provide low latency?
  • Can be a AudioSource a Microphone of the device?
  • or would be better to find a cross platform Audio API and send the raw data via signals in multi-point session?

The app I'm developing is sort of VOIP in WiFi by establishing a multi point session. Right now I can establish a multipoint session and send signals (text and audio). Audio is a Byte array recorded from Audiorecord and played by Audiotrack, but the quality is not good and I'm not sure that the row audio data recorded in android is cross platform able.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. Viktor

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Please see if this answer meets your needs:

praveenb ( 2016-01-25 01:09:11 -0700 )edit