Testing AllJoyn 15.09

asked 2016-01-13 22:52:53 -0700

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I have seen updates in AllJoyn 15.09 core and services framework but I didn't found any updates in 15.09 Android Applications like Dashboard,Onboarding e.t.c. Is those applications are still in development phase or can I use old version(15.04) Android Applications for testing it?

-For AllJoyn 15.09 I didn't found any source for LSF and AllJoyn-js. Those Applications/Framework are also in development phase or can I reuse 15.04 LSF and alljoynjs in Alljoyn 15.09.

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answered 2016-01-14 14:13:43 -0700

praveenb gravatar image

Please see this link to better understand AllSeen release process.

Coming to your question, Config and Notification are the only two services supported as part of 15.09 release (see release notes). The code for other services viz. ControlPanel and Onboarding, is still present in the codebase but isn't supported due to the lack of development and testing resources.

As you can see, applications viz. Dashboard depend on Base Services and they need to be appropriately updated / tested after a new release of Base Services, v15.09 in this case. To the best of my knowledge, this hasn't been done yet due to lack of development and testing resources. The last known release against with Dashboard Android app was developed and tested was 15.04.

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