LSF v15.04 LampService specifications

asked 2016-01-11 23:56:07 -0700

Venkat_Ramshankar gravatar image

Hi all,

Can anyone help me find a link to download LSF v15.04 specifications (importantly LampService) ?

I am implementing an LSF v15.04 LampService and I am not sure about fields and features which are mandatory and not mandatory for a Lamp.

  1. For eg. shall I assume Lamp Details should at least support items from lamp_details structure in the code ? ( )
  2. I am referring to PDF here : , but it may have been out-dated as of now.

I think it will be useful to have a document reference than to depend on code implementation. Please let me know if such document(s) exists and can be downloaded from AllSeen Alliance.

Thank you,


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