How to send receive sessionless signals over wifi when devices not on same network?

asked 2016-01-09 04:15:33 -0700

I have made a basic alljoyn application with android devices sending each other sessionless signals. It only works when the devices are all connected to the same lan. How can I get this to work peer to peer without lan connected similar to wifi direct service discovery? I thought this was the whole point of alljoyn.

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answered 2016-01-09 08:02:38 -0700

praveenb gravatar image

AllJoyn doesn't currently support WiFi Direct. Hence, you need to be on the same LAN to get your scenario to work.

The framework itself is independent of specific transport (sessionless signals should work regardless of specific transport), but there is no support for WiFi Direct transport at the moment. You can find more information about AllJoyn over WiFi Direct here:

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