ER_BUS_INTERFACE_MISMATCH - Interface versions

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The scenario is this,

  • I have two or more AllJoyn devices on the network.
  • They all expose the same interface name.
  • Some of the AJ devices expose extra functions on the same interface name, they are running a newer version of the interface with extra features for example.
  • I join a session with one of the devices and introspect it, this works fine.
  • I connect to one of the other devices but it fails at ProxyBusObject.IntrospectRemoteObject() with error,

359.115 ** ERROR ALLJOYN external10692 ..._core\src\XmlHelper.cc:286 | XML interface does not match existing definition for "com.interfacename": ER_BUS_INTERFACE_MISMATCH

Is this not a valid scenario? I'm only using a single message bus, should I use a different message bus for every connection? Shouldn't an interface be associated with a service name, not just a bus?



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Can you please provide some additional details of both interfaces (one with fewer functions and the other with extra functions)? AllSeen Interface Review Board Design Guidelines are available here: https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/irb/interface_design_guidelines_1.0

praveenb ( 2016-01-07 16:34:25 -0700 )edit

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answered 2016-01-08 01:02:54 -0700

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I'm marking this as the answer for future reference.

The important point to note of AllSeen Interface Review Board Design Guidelines is the section 'Designing for Evolution' . In my case, the relevant points are,

Every new version of an Interface must be a strict superset of the previous version of that Interface. That means that every new version of an Interface may:

  • add new members (properties, signals, methods). The following things are expressly forbidden:

  • remove existing members change member signatures

I've not followed this, I assumed that each interface is referenced to the device but looking at the source in XmlHelper.cc I can see an interface name is checked against the bus.

Thanks for your help praveenb.

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