Can two embedded devices talk together i.e. AJTCL to AJTCL ?

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We would ideally like two embedded systems (i.e ARM Cortex microcontrollers running AJTCL) to talk to each other preferably without an AllJoyn router / general purpose PC. I wondered if this is at all possible?

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answered 2016-01-07 16:20:01 -0700

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updated 2016-01-07 16:22:57 -0700

As you already might have guessed, this is definitely possible (in theory). The current code, however, is not there yet.

In the current AllJoyn architecture, apart from message forwarding, the routing node handles following:

  • Management of Names (unique and well-known)
  • Advertisement and Discovery
  • Session Management
  • Management of Sessionless signals

For two AJTCL nodes to communicate without a routing node, the relevant portions of above functionality would have to be handled by the client library.

On this experimental branch, functions that a routing node performs on behalf of a leaf node have been written into AJTCL itself. The code on feature/mqtt branch still needs a third node (MQTT broker, not an AJ routing node) for two AJTCL leaf nodes to communicate. It should be possible to modify it, to work without the third node.

There were some members in Core Working Group, who expressed interest in this during AllSeen Summit of Oct 2015. You can reach out to them at the mailing list.

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