Building LSF Sample App source code v15.04 using eclipse IDE

asked 2015-12-23 05:52:51 -0700

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I am building the LSF Sample App source code v15.04 using eclipse IDE in windows 7. I have imported the LSFJava,LSFJavaHelper and LSFSampleApp project to eclipse for building the LSFSampleApp source code. I have done those steps to build the LSFSampleApp source code and i got some issues.

  1. Setup the eclipse with SDK and NDK (android-ndk-r10c) path and setting Linked Resources using reference of link text

  2. Building LSFJava project to get and lsfjava.jar library[unsuccessful].

    [ Issues: It's generating lsfjava.jar library but not generating library.]

    Reason : jni-> having dependency on liballjoyn_config.a, liballjoyn_notification.a, liballjoyn_services_common.a and respectively header files but those library and files are missed in AllJoyn package (core and services)which i have downloaded AllJoyn from link text.

  3. Building LSFJavaHelper project to get lsfjavahelper.jar library [success].

  4. LSFSampleApp source code can't build without library [unsuccessful].

Is any document with all information for build procedure of LSF application source code using eclipse?

How I can get AllJoyn source code with liballjoyn_config.a,liballjoyn_notification.a,liballjoyn_services_common.a libraries and respectively header files, please provide the link to get AllJoyn source code with all LSF build depended libraries.


Suresh Kumawat

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