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Dear, I have an alljoyn service that could be connected to the same network between Android mobile and Arduino by bus method and bus signal. My service interface:

Service Name : com.service.MyService InterfaceName: com.service.MyService ServicePath : /GAssistantService Service Port = 25

Now I want to use in the internet, it means external network. I installed successfully Gateway service as your guideline and can control by GateWayController application in Android

Now I need the next step to enable my service on gateway. What should I configure? I see in the Manifest.xml file there're a place for service. Is it the correct place to do?

<exposedservices> <path>/emergency</path> <isprefix>false</isprefix> <interfaces> <interface>org.alljoyn.Notification</interface> </interfaces> <path>/warning</path> <isprefix>false</isprefix> <interfaces> <interface>org.alljoyn.Notification</interface> </interfaces> </exposedservices>

What shoud I do?

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you might ask on the gateway mailing list

ry.jones ( 2015-12-16 14:10:36 -0700 )edit