Can I cross compile alljoyn standard SDK in linux ubuntu 14.04 ?

asked 2015-12-12 00:41:40 -0700

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I had read the README.txt for building alljoyn. It has been written as alljoyn can be build on linux ubuntu 9.10 and 10.10.

But my ubuntu version is 14.04.

So let me know can I build alljoyn in ubuntu 14.04 ?

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To add to Ry's answer, yes, AllJoyn can be built using Ubuntu 14.04. Also you can cross-compile AllJoyn for Android on Ubuntu 14.04.

praveenb ( 2015-12-15 12:57:31 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-12-12 02:06:50 -0700

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Linux Foundation Staff

Here is how we build the Linux SDK

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