Connecvitity over IP Subnet

asked 2014-03-30 23:01:28 -0700

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Hello, I have a question about connectivity over IP subnets.

Can Alljoyn deal with a connection or communication between a leaf node connected to a routing node in a house in e.g. San Francisco and a leaf node connected to a routing node in another house in New York?

If yes, could you please explain breifly the sequence (of messages or signals interchanged or broadcast, establishment of the bus, and participations of devices to the bus, etc.) before e.g. the user's friend's TV in New York alarms that someone unexpected is standing in front of the door of the user's house in San Francisco?

If the current Alljoyn code cannot deal with such a case, is it or could it be included in your future plans?

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answered 2014-03-31 09:04:39 -0700

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AllJoyn is designed to communicate in a proximal space at this time. It does not traverse subnets. So the devices in a Home Wi-Fi environment are contained just to that network and do not upstream in the network topology. So there is currently no way for a device in SF to see a device in NY. This may change in the future as discussions occur within the Alliance to enable a Gateway.

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