How can we hook up a property with an action in a control panel controllee? [closed]

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When one controller changes the value of one property widget in a controllee via SetPropertyValue, the controllee will send a ValueChanged signal for that property to all controllers if SetPropertyValue succeeds so that other controllers will be notified of the value change of that property. My scenario is as follows: when one controller takes one action against a controllee via an action widget, it may affect the value of one controllee's property and as a result I expect the controllee to send a ValueChanged signal for that property to all controllers. Is this currently supported by the control panel service framework? If yes, what will be the best way of doing this? Can we specify this kind of relationship between two widgets in the UI xml?

I read the documentation about the control panel service and also played with the control panel samples, but didn't get a clue about this.

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The answer to this question is similar to the answer to the question for hooking up two properties. Please refer to another post

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