The physical connection of establish session.

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I want to know if one router connect two service ,chat and light,and another router have two client,chat and light,need connect those two service. The router-bus need establish one connect or two?

Only one bus-bus physical connect: image description

Twice physical connect: image description

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answered 2015-11-25 01:44:48 -0700

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The application developer needn't worry about the underlying physical connection. AllJoyn routing node takes care of the underlying physical connection establishment when applications attempt to establish sessions via JoinSession API.

Having said that, the answer to your question is dependent on the transport being used.

If TCP transport is used, then a separate TCP connection is ESTABLISHED for every new session. If your case, you will see two TCP connections (this can be verified by running netstat).

UDP Transport by its nature is connectionless. Both routing nodes use one UDP socket each and multiplex all messages (belonging to different sessions) over the one UDP socket. One UDP socket is what is used, no matter the number of sessions.

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