How to use Alljoyn thin client in visual studio?

asked 2014-03-30 19:41:28 -0700

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I have downloaded and used the scons command to compile files under ajtcl. There appears ajtcl.lib, ajtcl.dll, ajtcl.ilk, ajtcl.exp , ajtcl.pdb and some .obj files in ajtcl/src. 1. add ajtcl/inc to project/inc; 2. add ajtcl.lib to project/lib; Are those enough?

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answered 2014-04-03 16:04:33 -0700

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If you are building against the static library all you should need is the ajtcl.lib and the header files found in the ajtcl/inc folder.

If you want to use the tcl library as a dynamic library you will need to add the ajtcl.dll to you linker.

other libraries you may need to add to the linker are wsock32.lib, and advapi32.lib

you may need to add the following defines to your defines when building.


I am basing these values on the output when I run the scons TARG=win32 build command.

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