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asked 2015-11-19 11:55:21 -0700

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Hi Everyone
I have just started going through the documentation. On going through the downloads page, I saw that v15.04 has far more content (for e.g. Base Services Source, Code Generator Source, etc) as compared to 15.09. Also, the release data for the all the content in 15.09 shows 30th Sept, whereas some of the content of v15.04 (Lighting Services Framework Source and Lighting Apps Source) has got published on a later date - 23rd Oct.

Does it mean v15.09 is a beta version, whereas v15.04 is the released version?

Thanks and Regards

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answered 2015-11-20 08:24:15 -0700

praveenb gravatar image

As you might already be aware, software at AllSeen Alliance is built as layers, one on top of another.

At the bottom, you have AllJoyn Core. Core functionality, comprising of AllJoyn Routing Node and Client libraries, provides nuts and bolts for applications to discover and communicate with each other.

Base Services, are a set of abstractions that make it easier to develop applications for IoT usecases. Base Services are built on top of AllJoyn Core.

Lighting Framework is a project that builds on top of Base Services. It provides mechanisms to manage and control a set of bulbs (Luminaire app is built using Lighting Framework).

As evident from above, each of the layers depends on the one below it. And when the layers below evolve (adding functionality / APIs, fixing bugs), layers above evolve (making use of new APIs, removing workarounds if any) with them.

To make it easier for developers to identify versions, the upper layer is versioned after the lower layer. For instance, Base Services built on top of Core release 15.04 is versioned as Base Services 15.04. Along the same lines, Lighting built on top of Base Services 15.04 is versioned as Lighting 15.04. Thus the releases of upper layers trail the releases of lower layers.

Core v15.09 is a complete release that got tested by AllSeen Core Working Group.

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Thanks a lot Praveen, that was helpful. In that case, since v15.04 has the Core, as well as, the Base services, whereas v15.09 has only the Core services, should we consider v15.04, as the "gold standard", to be be used for development, till v15.09 gets all these services?

amitmm ( 2015-11-20 20:43:04 -0700 )edit

If you are planning to use Base Services, then v15.04 would be a better choice. If you are planning to create applications without Base Services, on top of AllJoyn Core, then v15.09 is the recommended choice.

praveenb ( 2015-11-22 19:57:43 -0700 )edit

Thanks Praveen that is very clear.

amitmm ( 2015-11-23 02:49:23 -0700 )edit
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