LSF signals

asked 2015-11-12 06:15:37 -0700


I am actually working on an application using the LSF interfaces in version 14.12, to expose lamps. To test my device I am using the AllJoyn Explorer and the Lifx application. In both applications I am able to discover my devices, and to control them: state modification. I am stuck on the signal part, I am able to receive signals into the Alljoyn explorer app, but in the Lifx app the lamp state is never updated.

I have tried to create sessionless and session signals but the result is still the same. My application is developped using the Java library.

I am looking about information on how to use the signals: do I need to create session or sessionless signals? Are there any samples in java using the LSF interfaces?

Thank you, Thomas

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ok, I will try this. Thank you.

TomCaz ( 2015-11-13 00:03:14 -0700 )edit