run configClient and configService on different machine

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I want to run configClient on PC(ubuntu) and run configService on Raspberry pi.

This two are example code that I source code provided. like this: https://git.allseenalliance.org/cgit/...

But it seems that they have different ip so when I run configService on PC and then run configClient on raspberry pi, configClient can't connect to configService.

And I use PC and Raspberry pi to connect to the same router, but it also can't work.

Can anyone tell me where I can set the ip configuration or this two just can run on the same machine with same ip?

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answered 2015-11-09 11:47:48 -0700

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ConfigService and ConfigClient are expected to communicate with one another even though they are on two different devices, if the two devices are connected to the same network router (AllJoyn Routing nodes use subnet multicast that enables applications to discover one other).

Try the following to debug your issue:

  • Run ConfigService and ConfigClient applications on two different devices (for eg. two Ubuntu PCs or two Android devices) connected to the same network router and see what happens.
  • Run Core sample applications basic_service and basic_client on Ubuntu PC and Raspberry PI and see what happens.

The two pieces of data you gather should provide some clue as what could be going on.

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