Tutorial Core - Namespaces 'ajn', 'qcc' does not exist -

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Hello Everyone,

I am very new to the Alljyon interface, very little or basic programming knowledge hence I am coming accross a lot of problems learnig how to program using the Alljyon libraries. I have started of with the Tutorial on Core as per the Allseen Alliance website https://allseenalliance.org/framework... I have cloned the hackfest project and I am trying to run the first_app under the tutorials section. Since this is not a VS2013 project file , I created a new c++ console window project and copied all the files into the new project. After setting all the libraries and the linkers as per the direction, i tried to compile the project and i got the following errors.(Actually i got a list of 100 errors but most of them are linked to the two errors below)

'ajn' : a namespace with this name does not exist
'qcc' : a namespace with this name does not exist

I am not sure if the method I followed is correct, any suggestions would be valuable. Also, if you can suggest how I can learn more or which examples to use - there are some sample programs which are present in the SDK but how exactly to use them and build small applications - if any examples or tutorials or videos are there it would be very helpful.

I am using a Windows7 OS, with VS2013

Thanks and regards Ajit :)

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The hackfest project is targeted for Arduino Yun platform, which is a Linux-based device. Hence, it doesn't have Windows build support. A better option for you is to use allseen/core/alljoyn.git or allseen/core/ajtcl.git. These have Windows build support out of the box and they support VS2013 too.

praveenb ( 2015-11-06 11:38:09 -0700 )edit

oh ok thanks. But since it is under the Core tutorial i thought it can be used with the windows OS too. Since in the tutorial it refers to setting up your windows environment and then they provide code snippets from the hackfest project to discuss parts of the code. Isn't it that way?

ajit.jain1 ( 2015-11-07 02:46:18 -0700 )edit