Does Lamp service needs daemon router

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  • In the documentation of Building the Lighting Service Framework core modules on Ubuntu : link text Alljoyn- daemon is for supporting a max of 32 Lamp Services. Is it really needed? But according to my understanding Lighting controller service and alljoyn daemon is having similar functionalities. If not please provide the purpose of daemon router in LSF.
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answered 2015-11-05 11:42:43 -0700

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As can be seen from the link you pointed out, Lamp Service is built on top of Thin Core library (service_framework/build/linux/thin_core_library/lamp_service).

Thin Core Library (TCL) is an implementation of AllJoyn Client functionality, written in C, meant for devices with resource constraints (embedded devices). By architecture, applications written using TCL discover a routing node running elsewhere on the network. Once connected to a routing node, TCL applications can communicate with other AllJoyn applications.

Lighting controller service is built on top of Standard Core library (service_framework/build/linux/standard_core_library/lighting_controller_service).

Standard Core Library (SCL) is a more feature-rich implementation of AllJoyn Client functionality, written in C++ and available bindings for other languages viz.Java / Obj-C, meant for more resource-capable devices running high-level operating systems (viz. Android / iOS / Windows / Linux). SCL applications can either have a routing node bundled along or connect to routing nodes running on the same device (AJRouter service available on Windows 10 for instance).

AllJoyn applications whether built on top of TCL (Lamp Service) or SCL (Lighting Controller), require a routing node (either stand-alone / bundled) for communication as per the architecture.

You can read more about AllJoyn architecture (Routing node and client libraries) here:

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I tested it without running the alljoyn-daemon also then also i am seeing same expected functionality. I think lighting controller service will also act as router because it is implemented on top of standard core library. Is it possible? Thanks for comment

venkateshchimakurthi ( 2015-11-05 20:51:12 -0700 )edit

Applications are built on top of client library (whether TC or SC). When using SC, one has a build option to bundle routing node along with the client library, for better developer and end-user experience. This option is default build option for most platforms and is the reason for your observation.

praveenb ( 2015-11-06 11:29:14 -0700 )edit
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