Alljoyn Gateway Agent running in Docker container cannot be discovered by Android App

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I am currently packaging the AllJoyn daemon and AllJoyn Gateway Agent in a Docker image, as well as a simple sample Connector. I am basically dockerizing the official getting started tutorial

I have been able to run the daemon, gateway agent and connector in a docker. AFAIK, it seems everything is running fine (as fine as it did on my local machine without docker). My problem however is that the Android app cannot discover my gateway. Port 9955, 9956, 5353 of my container should be accessible to my android phone (on the same network), as well as 22 (which I use to SSH my container for debugging purpose).

What ports should be enabled on my container to enable the Android app to discover my gateway?

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Probably a problem similar to this one: Will investigate in that direction...

bmorin ( 2015-10-08 03:29:43 -0700 )edit