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I created a simple test JS using control panel (on Arduino Yun). To show it (for an example in AllJoynExlorer) with a "fine" Name I added:"DeviceName", "My Sensor");"Manufacturer", "TestCompany");"Description", "MySensor Values");"AppName", "MyAppName");"ModelNumber", "0.1");

This works also as expected.

After adding AJ.translations = { en: { }, de: { "MyVal":"MeinWert", ....

AllJoynExplorer shows an element named "AllJoyin...." So it seems as if I'm missing something in AJ.translations...

And also the call to"DeviceName", "My Sensor"); results that all sample scripts now show as "My Sensor" in the Explorer.

How do I correctly change the above values for a single script - including AJ.translations.


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you should ask on the core mailing list:

ry.jones ( 2015-09-30 18:48:38 -0700 )edit