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asked 2015-09-20 08:03:38 -0700

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I follow this running config sample apps page to run config service and client. https://allseenalliance.org/developer...

However, when I run configService sample apps. I run this command:


I get the following error messages:

using Config-file /home/yhhsu/alljoyn_source/core/alljoyn/build/linux/x86_64/debug/dist/config/bin/ConfigService.conf
Initializing application.
AboutDataStore::Initialize /home/yhhsu/alljoyn_source/core/alljoyn/build/linux/x86_64/debug/dist/config/bin/ConfigService.conf

AboutDataStore::Initialize ERROR
   0.463 TRACE    Config      external          ...pp/src/ConfigService.cc:35 | In ConfigService new Constructor
   0.463 TRACE    Config      external          ...pp/src/ConfigService.cc:52 | In ConfigService Register
   0.464 TRACE    Config      external          ...pp/src/ConfigService.cc:46 | In ConfigService destructor

What should I do to make it run? Should I add anything in ConfigService.conf ?

In the end, what I want to do is to run Restart method? Can anyone give me any direction?

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Would it be possible to specify the version of ConfigService application you are attempting to run? 14.12 / 15.04 / master?

praveenb ( 2015-09-21 00:56:44 -0700 )edit

To avoid any build related issues, you can try running binaries available here: https://build.allseenalliance.org/baseservices/view/BaseV15.04_CoreV15.04a/job/CoreV15.04a_linux-base-services_V15.04/3/

praveenb ( 2015-09-21 00:57:03 -0700 )edit

Hi @praveenb , I run the 14.12 version.

yhhsu ( 2015-09-21 01:03:39 -0700 )edit

@praveenb , What difference between the official website's source code and the link you gave?

yhhsu ( 2015-09-21 01:15:04 -0700 )edit

@yhhsu 15.04 is the newer version than 14.12. I just pointed you to the binaries built by the Jenkins instance just to rule out any specific build-related issues.

praveenb ( 2015-09-21 12:03:40 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-10-02 16:02:41 -0700

bspencer gravatar image

What your output tells me is that the contents of you ConfigService.conf file is empty which is why you have invalid data.


AboutDataStore::Initialize ERROR

It does not print out the contents of the file like it should. Please double check the file: $AJ_ROOT/core/alljoyn/build/linux/$TARGET_CPU/debug/dist/config/bin/ConfigService.conf and ensure that it has the content that it should.

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Thank you! I think it is because in the ConfigClient run the factoryReset, so when I run twice, I got this error message.

yhhsu ( 2015-10-06 22:59:05 -0700 )edit
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