problems about ajtcl client finding services in a local network

asked 2015-09-08 01:28:21 -0700

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i write a program using the ajtcl and want to obtain all the advertised servicename in a local network ,so i run the ajtcl samples, basic_client.c and basic_service.c, using a linux ,but i found the simples can not find multiple servicenames in a local network, it only found the specified servicename in the basic_service.c at one time, i ran two basic_service.c with two different servicenames ,but the basic_client.c can only find one. does the ajtcl have the similar functions with "FoundAdvertisedName()" in the ajsc ,i just found the "FindAdvertiseName()" in aj_bus.h .

Thank in advance!

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i just want to get the advertising servcename list

jiaotuowv ( 2015-09-08 01:31:01 -0700 )edit

you might ask on the core mailing list. https://lists.allseenalliance.org/mailman/listinfo/allseen-core

ry.jones ( 2015-09-08 21:36:33 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-09-09 18:40:28 -0700

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i read the source code of the ajtcl , i find a function named "StartClient()" in "aj_helper.c" the function does not open to the developer, but i think this is the key to my question, there is a loop to find one service and joinsession once,however,it can only find one service and join session ,and then jump out ,if i modify the code to keep the loop running,it can recgnize the device uplining and device losing,i also find there are many defines value can be add to the branches of the switch() , you can find them in the file "aj_std.h".

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Your understanding is completely accurate. StartClient() is a helper API that is meant to be used for very simple / default use cases. For custom use cases, applications would need to implement functionality based on its requirement. In Thin Core library, the emphasis is on keeping code size small.

praveenb ( 2015-09-10 00:12:30 -0700 )edit
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