Events, Actions and Notification

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  1. When once an application(app1) is discovered by another application(app2) will app1 be registered with app2 for further communication?
  2. Is Discovery a one time event and further for any future communication is it based on the first discovery?
  3. Should notification precede discovery?
  4. How Events message in "Events and Actions" different from notification?
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answered 2015-09-02 09:05:32 -0700

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1) once an app discovers another app it needs to establish a session in order to communicate with it. 2) Yes, UNLESS you wish to discover other applications 3) notification of what? The notification service (NS)? NS does not require discovery as it is explicitly intended for applications that simply wish to notify arbitrary other applications about some piece of information. A good way to think about this is like the notification bar on your mobile device. 4) Events are signals that have meta information associated with them, and do not require the use of the NS. The NS allows the exchange of more right information, an event is inteded to convey just what it implies: an event.

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