point to point communication between N replicas

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Hi friends,

My first alljoyn project. I have N instances running the same copy of the program (different ids). My idea is that each of them advertise itself on the bus, and opens N-1 ports for other two replicas to connect to it. I would run following commands (in this order) on bus to ensure that:

  1. registerBusObject
  2. registerBusListener
  3. registerSignalHandlers
  4. registerSessionPort
  5. requestName
  6. advertiseName
  7. findAdvertisedName

I expect that this sequence going to enable me to end up with a grid of point-to-point sessions between replicas. Let me know if something can go wrong.

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answered 2015-09-01 00:33:33 -0700

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In a scenario where there are N instances of the same application (each with distinct identifiers), it is not mandatory for an application instance to bind N-1 ports for the remaining instances to connect to it.

That is, if an application A binds a SessionPort P, multiple other applications can join session with A over the same port P. It is not necessary for A to bind multiple SessionPorts P1, P2, P3, ..., PN-1.

In addition to the sequence of steps you've explicitly listed, you would also need the crucial JoinSession to establish the sessions.

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