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Hi everybody! This morning I've downloaded the source code from AllSeen Allianceweb site and I've tried to compile each source of the sample apps on my terminal, in order to see how they works. Anyway I've encountered this kind of replies, that let me think that there could be some errors:

  • for 'services/config':

BULLSEYE_BIN not specified GTEST_DIR not specified skipping common unit test build BULLSEYE_BIN not specified GTEST_DIR not specified skipping alljoyn_core unit test build JAVA_HOME not set

  • for 'notification/tcl', 'onboarding/tcl' and 'controlpanel/tcl'

    scons: *** No SConstruct file found. File "/usr/lib/scons/SCons/Script/Main.py", line 904, in _main

I would like to know if these errors are quite serious and if they can create errors during the building of an application. How can I solve this errors? The OS running on my machine is Ubuntu 12.10.

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Depending on bindings you may want to use I would simply just build the project by running the following code in the root path: scons os=linux bindings="core,cpp,java" cpu=x86_64 It would for example build core, cpp and java on a 64 bit machine.

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answered 2014-04-28 11:12:37 -0700

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For the Thin Library software the software for the services is not stand alone for the samples. Because a Thin Library application is slightly different and would most likely use many of the AllJoyn Service Frameworks there are samples applications contained in alljoyn/services/sample_apps/tcl that you will enter that contains an ACServerSample and ServerSample. You will run scons inside those folders to build the Thin Library samples.

Then you will need to run an application that contains the AllJoyn Router software. This can be the alljoyn-daemon from the Standard Library when you build that, or you can run an Application that contains the AllJoyn Router software on a device in the same network. This Application could be the Android Notification UI Sample or Control Panel Sample, or any app you compiled on the Linux system in which you have BR=on as an argument to scons in order to have the sample apps contain the AllJoyn Router software.

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