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asked 2015-07-17 14:39:41 -0700

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how can i resolve the bus attachment unique name of a user during a chat session to actual names of the users on the alljoyn chat app.

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answered 2015-07-29 00:56:27 -0700

praveenb gravatar image

Unique names are the primary identification of nodes in AllJoyn. Routing and forwarding of messages happens via unique names. Thus, AllJoyn library APIs and callbacks require and provide unique names.

AllJoyn Library is not aware of what an 'actual name of the user' is. That logic/code needs to be added into the application. In this particular case, getting the 'actual names' of users on AllJoyn chat application would require enhancement along the following lines:

  1. Create a new interface containing a string property ActualUsername and add a handler

  2. When the chat application starts, set the string value to the ActualUsername

  3. When a message from a remote application is received, call GetProperty on the string property corresponding to the new interface created

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Thanks for the response, However I tried and it's not working. Can you please illustrate it in the form of codes? Thank you.

kntim82 ( 2015-08-01 01:18:50 -0700 )edit
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