Consumer cannot find bus object that provider has registered and show the error code "ER_BUS_NO_SUCH_OBJECT".

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I run my application and alljoyn gateway connector on the same alljoyn router.

My application is a service provider. It create a interface named "org.alljoyn.Bus.RequestNameTest1", method call named "print" and a bus object named "/RequestNameTest1". Then it call the below function to register bus object and return the result status = ER_OK.

BridgeTestObject1 testObj1(*m_AJBusAttachment, "/RequestNameTest1");

status = m_AJBusAttachment->RegisterBusObject(testObj1);

The alljoyn gateway connector is a service consumer. It create a interface "org.alljoyn.Bus.RequestNameTest1" and a method call name "print". Then it create one ProxyBusObject in the below:

ProxyBusObject remoteObj(*g_bus, "org.alljoyn.Bus.RequestNameTest1", "/RequestNameTest1", s_sessionIdDev1);

const InterfaceDescription* alljoynTestIntf = g_bus->GetInterface("org.alljoyn.Bus.RequestNameTest1");


Message reply(*g_bus);

MsgArg inputs[1];

inputs[0].Set("s", "Hello World !");

QStatus status = remoteObj.MethodCall("org.alljoyn.Bus.RequestNameTest1", "print", inputs, 1, reply, 5000);

But gateway connector make method call failed and print the below error message :

0.999 ** ERROR LOCAL_TRANSPORT lepDisp1_0 ...src/ | No such object /RequestNameTest1: ER_BUS_NO_SUCH_OBJECT

The provider has registered bus object successfully. Why the gateway connector cannot find this bus object ?

Thanks ! Jessica

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you might try on the core mailing list.

ry.jones ( 2015-08-07 21:00:38 -0700 )edit