What does aboutObjApi->Announce() do?

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According to the C++ API this function is used to send the Announce signal. But it is not clear to me.

  • Is the announcement sent once?

What does this code do?

if (ER_OK == status) {
    status = aboutObjApi->Announce();

Does this function send Announcement every x seconds? Or announcement will be sent if there is a change in announcement data?

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answered 2015-07-10 00:16:30 -0700

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In which context is this part mentioned? What's happening in prior to this?`

My suggestion is, that the bus is attached or the session is binded to the port. This is checked by

if (ER_OK == status) {

So, if the bus is attached and connected correctly, the announcement can be fired.

status = aboutObjApi->Announce();

The announcement is a sessionless signal, which is received by all devices, handling the AboutListener. Announcements are sent out the first time a (announcing) device starts up and (in contrast to advertising) are fired infinite. I don't really know about the interval a signal is sent, but I suggest it is depending on deeper AllJoyn implementation of discovery. Look here for further information

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