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asked 2015-07-08 23:23:11 -0700

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I'm trying to run Alljoyn Self certification tool on V14.12. However, I find the following document and it indicates the release 14.12 is only for internal verification purpose. Is that correct for now? If it's true, how to get certificate for V14.12? or, we need to downgarde our Alljoyn version to 14.06.


Furthermore, does the certification tool support ethernet? That means DUT and Android device hosting the Self-Certification Tool APK are in the same network via ethernet.

Thanks, Daniel

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answered 2015-07-09 23:30:13 -0700

OscarCastaneda gravatar image

You are right. Self-Certification can only be obtained for AllJoyn 14.02 or 14.06 releases. For newer AllJoyn releases, such as 14.12, you need to wait until the certification phase 2 starts. This is expected at the end of current month or beginning of August. AllSeen Alliance encourages the use of newest versions of AllJoyn framework but of course you may decide to implement any AllJoyn framework release.

On the other hand, the Certification Tool for phase 2 (currently available at https://certify.allseenalliance.org/ ) allows connection to the Device Under Test via WIFI or ethernet. In the case of the Self-Certification Tool (apk), I see no reason why it should not work with Ethernet connections.

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Is the phase 2 Certification Tool now available? The link 'https://certify.allseenalliance.org/' doesn't seem to lead anywhere, at least for me.

dhooley ( 2015-08-26 12:58:31 -0700 )edit
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