Why use wifi hotspot with onboarding?

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At this link, it talks about making a wifi hotspot for running the onboarding sample app stuff. Why bother with the hotspot? Why wouldn't I just run the 2 android apps over the same wifi network?

Is it necessary to have a hotspot setup even? Just doesn't seem like an ideal situation.

Thanks for your time. I do appreciate it.

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answered 2015-07-06 23:02:18 -0700

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The onboarding service helps devices with no graphical user interface (plus etc.) to join a network. To achieve this AllJoyn specified the devices to search for a WiFi starting with AJ_ or ending on _AJ. This WiFi is generally used to exchange key information about the "real" WiFi the device should use in the future.

So you can make sure that (with nearly no config on the end device needed) the device can join an existing WiFi like your Home WiFi or Office WiFi or whatever. As you can see: The onboarding service is not really needed for two (sample) apps, but a mandatory feature to integrate GUI-less devices in a very easy way.

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Thanks for the help

boxwood ( 2015-07-07 08:16:45 -0700 )edit
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