How the Allseen connecting to internet?And the port that connect with TCP/IP protocol?

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   I want to know the port of Allseen that connect with TCP/IP?My understand about it is that the information about D-bus was packaged ,and the data packet was send through TCP/IP protocol.Is my understand was right?If it's not right,could you tell me how can i understand it?
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answered 2015-07-05 02:51:28 -0700

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You're correct. The wire format of AllJoyn messages is based on D-Bus. In fact, AllJoyn extends D-Bus.

AllJoyn messages are exchanged between leaf nodes. The leaf nodes connect to routing nodes, which manage the transmission and delivery of AllJoyn messages. The messages are sent and received over AllJoyn transports. TCP and UDP are two transports that are available to connect two routing nodes. If a routing node configuration file is not specified, the default port over which AllJoyn messages are exchanged is 9955.

You can read more about AllJoyn architecture and system description here:

AllJoyn Core functionality operates within an IP subnet. That is, AllJoyn Core functionality does not connect to Internet. Gateway Agent is a service that adds the capability of connecting to Internet. You can find more about Gateway Agent here.

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