IOS when i send message then any acknowledgment status to receive message my user

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Hello , when i send message by user to host then how to know user message is received by host , any acknowledgment when i send message Here is my code using for send message

 NSString *message = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@||%@", [[UIDevice currentDevice] name], self.chatMessageTextField.text];
    [self.chatObject sendChatMessage:message onSession:self.sessionId];

Please help me , please share your valuable knowledge .

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answered 2015-10-01 12:29:23 -0700

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When you send a Signal there is no response, it is a fire and forget publication on the sessionId provided. In the snippet you show from the chat sample that defines an AllJoyn Interface where Chat is a signal.

There are a few things here: 1) When you send a Signal AND you are in a session and have not received SessionLost or SessionMemberRemoved then you have a high certainty that the signal was received by the applications in the session. There are edge cases where when the applications could be leaving the network when a signal is sent, but this would be fridge cases and you can assume if signal is sent then it is delivered while a member is in a session or the session is not torn down. 2) If you require a response or feedback then you will need to use a BusMethod and issue this call on each member in the session. A BusMethod call will have a reply where you can check the status.

You should read through the Developer pages on the AllSeen Alliance section.

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