hi I am new to all joyn and I wonder if Api for direct wifi can be used from an hybrid app? [closed]

asked 2015-06-26 00:52:49 -0700

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The needs are to develop private communication between members in wifi direct between smartphone?

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answered 2015-06-26 01:14:51 -0700

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As far as I know WiFi Direct isn't currently supported. May you try Bluetooth LE instead. About the functionality of AllJoyn using hybrid apps I'm not sure. First of all you'll have to develop the basic app in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This is the part which is the same for all devices. The other part containing AllJoyn development needs to be native for every device and has to be re-produced during development process. So you'll need the native interfaces for your OS. Please correct me if I'm wrong ;-)

So the only part which has to be re-produced for devices is the AllJoyn part. I'd appreciate if you may try it and give a little feedback here for me and other developers.

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Thanks for your answer. What you mean by not supported? Not supported by alljoyn.... Wifi direct is existing in a lot of device... So I know how to develop a hybrid app that is eased by a lot of framework as appbuilder for instance... The question is the existence of a wrapper for hybrid app?

john ( 2015-06-26 02:45:30 -0700 )edit

do we have a plugin cordova compliant or nativescript compliant or other for direct wifi api access.

john ( 2015-06-26 02:52:06 -0700 )edit

https://ask.allseenalliance.org/question/2083/alljoyn-capabilities-inquiry/ WiFi Direct is not supported.

ry.jones ( 2015-08-12 09:47:18 -0700 )edit

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