How do I run java script bindings in AllJoyn?

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I have built AllJoyn for JS bindings for 64 bit ubuntu. I tried running the simple chat application. I tried launching the index.html of client and service in two separate terminals and entered messages. But the messages were not received on the other end.

How should the alljoyn plugin be integrated to the browser?

Is there any more step to be followed before/after launching index.html?

Thanks in advance! -Nivedita

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answered 2014-04-23 08:58:12 -0700

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The AllJoyn JavaScript bindings use NPAPI to do the native plugin. Your browser must support NPAPI. Last time I checked Firefox and Chrome both supported NPAPI but Chrome said they would be dropping support some time in the future.

The plugin is a shared library that must be placed in the ~/.mozilla/plugins folder. The mozilla plugins folder is used by Firefox and Chrome the library can be found in the build output: build/linux/x86_64/debug/dist/js/lib/libnpalljoyn.so.

The library must match the bits of the browser not the OS. If the browser was compiled 32-bit then the libnpalljoyn.so also must be compiled 32-bit.

once you have copied the libnpalljoyn.so or created a soft link to the libnpalljoyn.so file into the plugins folder. launch your browser. In the address menu type about:plugins you should find an entry for AllJoyn.

Retry the samples.

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