Instructions to install Ajtcl on MCU

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to bring ajtcl to my MCU running FreeRTOS. I've been told that alljoyn supports that RTOS well, so is there any further work I have to do inside the ajtcl source package? (As i read on the forum that I may have to modify some source files like aj_target_nvram.c, aj_malloc.c...).

Beside, I'm using the CC3100 module for networking, then I know that there must be some porting around aj_net.c as well. However I get lost in their folder structure as I could not find a detailed description for the package.

Could someone help to address the source files and locations that I should be working on? (i.e i'm being confused between the folder ajtcl/RTOS/ and ajtcl/target both have aj_net.c).

Please let me know if my question is not clear enough. Thank you very much for your help! Kind Regards, Huyen.

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answered 2015-06-08 03:30:12 -0700

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AllJoyn Thin Core library can be thought as two layers a target-independent layer on top and a target-dependent layer at the bottom.

The target-independent layer implements AllJoyn protocol which comprises of message marshaling / unmarshaling and AllJoyn Standard interfaces. The sources for this layer are available here.

The target-dependent layer implements the socket wrapper functions, NVRAM wrapper functions, Utility functions, Crypto functions (if available), Wireless functions (if applicable) and RTOS hooks (if applicable). When porting AJTCL to a new target, one needs to only implement target-dependent layer. Sources that correspond to implementation on common operating systems viz. Windows / Linux / Darwin can be found here.

If you using a target that runs on an RTOS, examples of necessary hooks can be found here. Wrappers for bsp-provided functions are here.

Here) is the documentation for Arduino Due running FreeRTOS + GT202 wireless networking target.

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