How can I implement multi services in one device??

asked 2015-05-17 08:24:56 -0700

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My device is based on android(arm linux) and the goal is making alljoyn management device. I have LIFX bulb and PT plug for testing.

(1). Made alljoyn audio service(speaker) android app using JNI. It works normally.

(2). Use lighting controller service app(c++ native). While running test with (1) app, I got a problem that cannot bind 9955 port.. So I fix alljoyn_core router code(TCP/UDP) that when 9955 port is not possible to bind, then bind another port. And it works well((1) app too).

(3). Made android app like Dashboard 14.12. This is for managing other alljoyn devices. It works well too.

(4). Finally, I made controlpanel(controllee) app(c++ native). It has basic function of device (like volume up/down and power on/off). For running this, it need alljoyn-daemon.

(5). Test 1 When running alljoyn-daemon and (4) app on booting time, controllee is working. But (3) app can't get any announce of LIFX blub/PT plug's. this is main problem!! At this time, executing Dashboard app from smart phone in the same network, (3) get announce data of devices.

(6). Test 2 Without alljoyn-daemon, (3) app works well, but controllee(4) app is not.


  1. Is it not possible scenario?
  2. Alljoyn can support multi-services on multi-apps for one device?
  3. If there is solution, what can I do?**
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Do you see the bulb and/or the TC plug in the released Dashboard application? If not it could be that those devices are not announcing theirselves and that is why you are not seeing them.

marcello ( 2015-09-01 10:34:49 -0700 )edit