When will DDAPI be supported on iOS and Android?

asked 2015-05-05 16:09:00 -0700

dvs gravatar image

I tried to find something about this in the roadmaps, but nothing about this.

Could someone provide information about this?

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answered 2015-05-11 06:56:02 -0700

chanetd gravatar image

The DDAPI as a separate API will never be supported on Android and iOS. While we initially had the plan to do this, we came to realize over time that it is counterproductive to maintain two independent APIs for AllJoyn (Core versus DDAPI), each with their own bindings to the various platforms.

Therefore, the DDAPI project has been working towards a direct implementation of its fundamental concepts inside AllJoyn Core. The first part of this, the Observer functionality and property caching, has been contributed for R15.04. The Core implementation of these features is available for C++, C, Java (Android) and Objective-C (iOS).

We are working on a plan to contribute the rest of the DDAPI features to Core as well, for R15.08 or the major release following that one. At that point, the DDAPI for C++ will most likely be deprecated.

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